Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Lost Letters of Kevin Seward

A few weeks ago I sent this image around to a few friends of mine with the simple heading "photographic proof that bigfoot exists" - nothing else. I expected some responding chuckles - if that. What I got from one good friend named Kevin Seward was rather fleshed out, brilliant, and... well -purely Kevin. Kevin is what I call a Buckshot genius - amazing insight into everything he gets his brains on - makes connections across cultures, genres and mental barriers too camouflaged to even perceive. He's also a superb musician and songwriter who happens to build instruments out whatever he happens to find lying around... I'll stop now
here's what he wrote back:

"We can rebuild Bigfoot--we have the technology . . ."

Bionic Bigfoot, the spinoff that never was. Indeed, as a cover, he'd be traveling the country hauling freight in a Peterbilt. He'd be hiding in plain sight, with only children, kindly old folks and the pure at heart recognizing that "Bionic Bigfoot" was more than just a clever CB handle for an "ex-sideshow performer". It was a stamp of justice and abiding love across the land. And in the hearts of those who'd call him friend.

Inspite of a huge advance printing of 10,000 t-shirts bearing a likeness of the truck driving Sasquatch on his CB (and the words, "This is Bionic Bigfoot, c'mon!"), the studio heads did not prove to be such good buddies to the project and ashcanned the whole thing.

Word is that somewhere in some warehouse in LA there are boxes and boxes of those t-shirts and other long-suppressed-then-forgotten merch related to the silicon Sasquatch. Which is a cool legend and all, but I don't think I buy it. I'm going to have to see a picture . . .

(There are also many conspiracy theories associated with this stillborn TV show, one tying into the death--some say assassination--of Dale E[a]rnhardt. But such things are mostly whispered in darkened hallways and go well beyond my personal knowledge or that of my email spellchecker.)

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