Saturday, September 27, 2008

Don't You Look at Me

I once saw my evil twin on a train in Italy - or someone else saw HIS evil twin on a train in Italy - it was a freaky experience. If it was a movie we would have fought each other - instead we just stared ... but anyway - here's David Boyce having a good look.

oil on linen, 9"x12" with artist made (ham-fisted) frame.

David Boyce - Museum Curator and Man of Many Scarves

Head Scratching

I'm showing work from as far back as 1999 as well as 2 pieces that are brand spanking new.

Opening Night

The opening at NBAM was last night. We has a great turn out despite the weather. This is a portrait I did of the museum's curator David Boyce - I finished it the day before with the aid of Gamblin's modern chemistry

All Mouth And No Trousers

I had a good time making this one but it took long enough - the painting measures 72" x 72" - oil,acrylic, and india ink on canvas. I'll get a better photo of it posted later

Younger Apprentice

Maks says he's ready for stretcher building if I would just give him a chance.

What's on the Easel Anyway?

A Strong Reaction

Not all my decisions go over well.

The Director's Chair

Kaz has really enjoyed watching the progress of a large painting I've been working on. I'm part of a group show at the New Bedford Art Museum opening on the 27th and this will be one of the few new pieces I'll be showing.