Sunday, October 25, 2009

Peter Stankiewicz - sculpture

Peter Stankiewicz
Lunar Totem
17"x18"x9", plaster and coat hanger, 2009

Peter Stankiewicz
9"x18"x4", plaster and electrical wire, 2009

I'll be posting some of his drawings soon as well. Stankiewicz's work is understated and profound. Sometimes it is reserved, but with an underlying nervous tension that makes it feel mysteriously pregnant with a strange energy. It can be somber yet feel oddly humorous. You want to laugh the kind of laugh that you worry might be inappropriate - but you just can't help yourself. There's a distinct honesty about the work that I've always admired and an originality that has always inspired me.

link and drawings coming soon

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pieter Van den Dorpe

Pieter Van den Dorpe
"20091001 RH1-4"
Abstract Spatial Configuration
(rendered with kerkythea)

Link to Pieter's site here
and his blog here

I'm constantly amazed and delighted to find how many interests I have in common with certain architects - of course my way of going about things is rudimentary and blunt by comparison - the work they are doing is extremely compelling and exciting to me
Pieter Van der Dorpe is on of those architects

Cellular Automata by Dimitris Gourdoukis

2.5D Cellular Automaton from dimitris gourdoukis on Vimeo. - experimental architectures

fantastic work from Gourdoukis!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Lost Letters of Kevin Seward

A few weeks ago I sent this image around to a few friends of mine with the simple heading "photographic proof that bigfoot exists" - nothing else. I expected some responding chuckles - if that. What I got from one good friend named Kevin Seward was rather fleshed out, brilliant, and... well -purely Kevin. Kevin is what I call a Buckshot genius - amazing insight into everything he gets his brains on - makes connections across cultures, genres and mental barriers too camouflaged to even perceive. He's also a superb musician and songwriter who happens to build instruments out whatever he happens to find lying around... I'll stop now
here's what he wrote back:

"We can rebuild Bigfoot--we have the technology . . ."

Bionic Bigfoot, the spinoff that never was. Indeed, as a cover, he'd be traveling the country hauling freight in a Peterbilt. He'd be hiding in plain sight, with only children, kindly old folks and the pure at heart recognizing that "Bionic Bigfoot" was more than just a clever CB handle for an "ex-sideshow performer". It was a stamp of justice and abiding love across the land. And in the hearts of those who'd call him friend.

Inspite of a huge advance printing of 10,000 t-shirts bearing a likeness of the truck driving Sasquatch on his CB (and the words, "This is Bionic Bigfoot, c'mon!"), the studio heads did not prove to be such good buddies to the project and ashcanned the whole thing.

Word is that somewhere in some warehouse in LA there are boxes and boxes of those t-shirts and other long-suppressed-then-forgotten merch related to the silicon Sasquatch. Which is a cool legend and all, but I don't think I buy it. I'm going to have to see a picture . . .

(There are also many conspiracy theories associated with this stillborn TV show, one tying into the death--some say assassination--of Dale E[a]rnhardt. But such things are mostly whispered in darkened hallways and go well beyond my personal knowledge or that of my email spellchecker.)

The Yeti sends best regards,

experience the music - here audiokayness
experience the wonder - here unterkayness
kayness on soundcloud - here

Marc Bell Opens Tonight at Adam Baumgold

Marc Bell, Trippah, 12" x 9", mixed media on board

Marc's show - Hot Potatoe opens this evening at Adam Baumgold and is up until November 25. Should be a great show and opening!!!

In my opinion Marc is one of the best comic/ "fine aht" artists out there and is one of my all time favorites.
Nothing but great stuff from this guy .

his blog here

miss this show and be SORRY

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I Want to Ride My Motorbike

Artist, master blogger and all round mensch Logan takes the Guzzi for a spin around the studio
link to Logan's site here

The scene in front of the house this morning.
Lance, Logan, and Harry came around for a little Joe and twisty.
Ducatis, Honda, Moto Morini, and Moto Guzzi play well together.
Louie happened to drop by as well on his Duck

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Boys are Back in Town

Guess who just got back today?
Them wild-eyed boys that had been away
Haven't changed, haven't much to say
But man, I still think them cats are crazy

Me and the boys have our own little club going here.
No, Wen and I do not have matching track suits!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Renee French - Flies Bunny - Recent Aquisition

Renee French, 2.25" x 3.25", graphite on paper

Picked up this little gem for Wen's Birthday from Adam Baumgold in August -
just haven't had the opportunity to scan it properly - but here it is!

Renee French has been one of my favorite artists for maybe 13 or 14 years - a looong time. We feel so lucky to own an actual drawing. She is simply on of the most original and gifted artists out there - PERIOD!!!! - truly an inspiration
Her books include:
The Ticking
Edison Steelhead's Lost Portfolio
The Soap Lady
My Best Sweet Potato

Renee French's Blog - updated with a new drawing daily!

Renee French is represented by Adam Baumgold Gallery

link to page of her incredible books

Older website with older stuff

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kazimir in a 74 VW Sun Bug

The little guy works his magic at the car shows


Kaz loves Steve McQueen
We were at a car show today and Kaz went up to guy with an old red Mustang and asked him "Mister, do you know who used to drive a car like this?" The man politely responded "Steve McQueen drove a car like this"
Kaz comes back with " yeah, but his was a green fastback"
Pretty cool 4 year old I've got

images from The Zen of Neato
lots of great stuff at Neato's

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Precision at Adam Baumgold Gallery


Marc Bell
András Böröcz
John Borowicz
Charles Burns
Adam Dant
Elvis Studio

Jacob El Hanini
Renée French
Alex Katz
Ruth Marten
Anna Sommer
Saul Steinberg
Scott Teplin
Robin Tewes
Chris Ware
Ray Yoshida
Jakub Julian Ziolkowski
A series of drawings by Christina Ramberg
In the garden:
Tom Otterness
Claudia Fitch
Anton van Dalen

JULY 14 - AUGUST 14, 2009

Visit Adam Baumgold Gallery website for more information and

My new drawing "Sprawling Conglomerates" will be on view

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Friday, March 20, 2009

Glom Prototype - M Class

Glom Prototype - M Class, 4.25"x6.25", graphite on paper, 2009

Project for topographical/architectural hybridization.
The Glom Series structures take their form as a natural extension of various topographies. The M (mountain) Class is specifically for use in mountainous terrain.

Landscape becomes architecture - architecture becomes landscape

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Head Grid

Head Grid, 12"x12", oil on panel, 2009
courtesy Adam Baumgold Gallery

This painting will be on view at Adam Baumgold in a group show(see below) until May. My drawing 'Man with Beard' and painting 'Shane' will be up as well.

Monday, March 09, 2009

About Face at Adam Baumgold Gallery NYC

I'm really excited to be part of this one - I'm in there with some of my favorites
Opens this Friday


MARCH 13 - MAY 2, 2009

John Ahearnnn Donald Baechler
Marc BellnnBette Blanknn
John Borowicz
Joe Brainardnn Charles Burnsnn George Condo
Chuck Closenn Felipe Jesus Consalvos
nnJules Feiffer
Dan Fischer nnnnnArnold FreidmannnnnnRenee French
Jessica Gandolfnnnnnnn
Madge Gillnnnnnnn Jacob El.Hanini
Peter Heinemann nnnnAmy Hillnnnn Alex Katznnnn
Khalif Kelly
Marie Laurencin
nHiroshi KimurannTala MadaninnRuth Marten
Sarah McEneaney nnnnnnnJim Nuttnnnnnnnn Erik Parker
Pablo PicassonnHuston Ripleynn
Cindy Sherman
Saul Steinbergnn
Robin TewesnnJim Torok
Anton van Dalennn
Karl Wirsum
Alexi Worth nn
Ray Yoshida


March 13 - May 2, 2009

artistsAdam Baumgold Gallery presents the exhibition "About Face" from March 13 through May 2, 2009. The exhibition will explore different approaches in portraits in a diverse range of styles, through paintings and drawings by 37 Contemporary and 20th Century artists. The artists included in the exhibition are: John Ahearn, Donald Baechler, Marc Bell, Bette Blank, John Borowicz, Joe Brainard, Charles Burns, George Condo, Chuck Close, Felipe Jesus Consalvos, Jules Feiffer, Dan Fischer, Arnold Friedman, Renee French, Jessica Gandolf, Madge Gill, Jacob El Hanani, Peter Heinemann, Amy Hill, Alex Katz, Khalif Kelly, Hiroshi Kimura, Tala Madani, Ruth Marten, Sarah McEneaney, Jim Nutt, Erik Parker, Pablo Picasso, Huston Ripley, Cindy Sherman, Saul Steinberg, Robin Tewes, Jim Torok, Anton van Dalen, Karl Wirsum, Alexi Worth, and Ray Yoshida.

artistsSome featured works included in the exhibition are Pablo Picasso's emblematic graphite drawing "Tete de Femme," 1965, depicting a multi viewed fragmented face; Chuck Close's "Chris," 1974 - an ink and graphite drawing that has been gridded out to show Close's precision and unique aesthetic structure and strategy in rendering images; Charles Burns' deadpan "Before and After," 2000, ink drawings from "Black Hole" that reveal the dual feelings of normalcy and creepiness; Tala Madani's painting "Bubble Touch," 2006 features two faces in profile in a strange bubble blowing/popping ritual executed with the artist's distinctive buttery paint surface; Amy Hill's "Young Woman in Denim," 2009 is a contemporary portrait painting juxtaposed within a Renaissance landscape background; Carl Wirsum's frontal, acrylic on acetate portraits from the 1977 "Alien Passport Photo" series have a quirky, sharply delineated graphic punch; Alex Katz's "Self Portrait," a painting from 1982, features the neatly dressed artist head-on, without any artifice, props or irony. Marie Laurencin's "Self Portrait," 1929- is a painting that shows the artist in the palest of skin tones and reveals a distance and lack of emotion, like the young ballet nymphettes that she painted throughout her career.

artistsGallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday 11:00 - 5:30 P.M. For additional information please contact Adam Baumgold at (212)861-7338 or

Peter Doig - Paintings and Film Posters

exhibition up now at CFA Berlin

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Karina Borowicz - Poet

My sister Karina is a remarkable poet - her work is showing up everywhere lately!
I'll be doing some illustrations for her work soon so keep an eye out for that as well.

link to her profile at The New York Quarterly here

poetry published and to be published:

Shadows, Roots The Southern Review Spring 2009
Feathers American Letters & Commentary Forthcoming
The Globe Cincinnati Review Forthcoming
Ruins, Eve of the Theophany Cream City Review Forthcoming
Beetle, Antarctica Mid-American Review Forthcoming
Binoculars Cold Mountain Review Forthcoming
Statue The Evansville Review 2009
Wedding Ring Atlanta Review Fall/Winter 2008
Kitchen Catechism, Daylight Savings Time Poet Lore Spring/Summer 2008
Amaryllis, Gathering, Repairs Minnetonka Review Summer 2009
Messenger Crab Creek Review Forthcoming
Apparition, Into November The Spoon River Poetry Review Summer/Fall 2007
Country Road Tuesday; An Art Project Forthcoming
Maps, All Hallows' Eve Cider Press Review Spring 2009
Overtime Memorious June 2006
Cut Flowers Cairn Forthcoming

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Is He Polish? - older work at Pierogi Brooklyn

pencil and collage on paper/illustration board, 20x30, 2001

pierogi, as I have said, is an amazing gallery - visit here

Luncheon on the Grass and a Question of Borders - older work at Pierogi Brooklyn

pencil and collage on paper/illustration board, 20x30, 2001

Awaiting Criticism - older work at Pierogi

Awaiting Criticism, pencil and collage on paper/illustration board, 20x30, 2001

These three drawings showed up recently on Pierogi's revised site - a nice surprise for sure. I never photographed my work back then so it's like seeing them for the first time.